Outdoor advertising?
Outdoor advertising is a type of promotional display seen outside. It is an excellent tool to make people aware and remind them of your product or company message.
What is the length of a bench ad agreement?
The minimum length of an agreement is six months.
What happens at the end of my agreement?
The majority of our customers want to continue after their initial term, so your agreement with us will automatically continue on a month to month basis until 30 days written notice is given.
Do you make the sign that is installed into the bench?
No we do not make the signs. We can supply you with a list of sign companies that can help you with the process of design and printing.
How long does it take to have my sign installed?
It takes approximately two weeks to have the sign made and installed once you have returned the signed agreement to us.
Who maintains the bench from graffiti and any other problems that may arise?
We are responsible for removing graffiti to keep your message visible.
How do I find out what is available?
Contact us by phone 604.533.2000 or by using our website form, and we will supply you with a list of available locations in your chosen area.

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